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I put two stems in each pot. Click here for More Milkweed Ideas to Enhance your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Should I cute back my giant milkweed? I keep the containers in areas where they get 5 to 6 hours of Sun. Hi David, if you cut back infested areas of aphids and use isospropyl alcohol to treat the rest, you can eliminate them indoors permanently..good luck! The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that receives no federal or state funding. And once I started doing that I had fewer butterflies born with deformities several that didn’t make it to their fourth or fifth instar. Water daily to keep moist, as needed–I use a little cheapo soil tester for moisture. Butterflies in the Houston Arboretum meadow. Recently this journey has become more treacherous and less successful due to habitat loss, illegal logging,  widespread use of pesticides, livestock raising, and deforestation. Scientific name: Oncopeltus fasciatus (Dallas) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) Facts: The large milkweed bug is an attractive black and yellow sucking insect that feeds on milkweeds and related plants. Overwintering Milkweed Plants. I am in Naples, FL and have grown Giant Milkweed for 3 years and it survives and blooms all year. Monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the leaves of milkweed, the only host plant for this iconic butterfly species. Some people put the cuttings in black sand and soil, some in regular sand and soil and some in regular soil (apparently) and always with a rooting media. For gardeners who live so far south in the US that they can’t grow common milkweed (Asclepias syrica), Giant Milkweed (Calotropis gigantea) is fantastic. Thanks for this website and all the information, Shalom!, Maria. I have never had seed pods. What is the most appropriate time to cut tropical milkweed back? Flowers are white and in an umbel, mostly one per plant. Any cage used to raise monarchs should be easy to clean. Arka (C. procera) an important drug of Ayurveda is known from the earliest time. It’s not overwatering yellow, that I have seen before. It is 3 feet from a east window, the room is usually in the 60’s and it gets very little sun. how to send picture? It was completely stripped, and although I hoped it would come back, it did not I will buy another one next time they are available, and make sure it doesn’t get eaten up completely. Noteworthy Characteristics. Giant Milkweed is also known as bowstring hemp, crown flower, lechoso, and swallow wort. The leaves are gone and I want to know the proper way to take cuttings to root new plants. Common Name: Purple Crown Flower, Giant Milkweed Latin Name: Calotropis gigantea Family: Asclepiadaceae Zone: 10 : 1 gallon pot. Member of I also put the solution in a 5 gallon bucket pull the plants out of the nursery pot Shake as much soil off and dip the soil and Roots into the solution. I just replanted it yesterday and discovered that it had developed essentially no new root system. Black Swallowtail - Brown and green chrysalises Gold Rim (Polydamas) Swallowtail chrysalises, green and brown Zebra Swallowtail brown and green chrysalises Plants grow slow in Mililani Mauka due to it always raining though we mix the soil with perlite and fertilize with Miracle Grow liquid every other week. Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts is located on 12811 Westheimer Rd. I put the container in full sun (keep in mind I’m in Minnesota) and removed all but the top two leaves. Always a big problem here. Giant milkweed, Calotropis gigantea, also is being added to local gardens as a host plant. It is a large shrub growing to 4 m (13 ft) tall. Please reply. I live in the Cocoa Beach area of Florida. Any suggestions? Right now, when people buy milkweed plants, they’re usually the non-native tropical milkweed, the easily propagated Asclepias curassavica. My “set up” is pretty makeshift. It does respond well to cutting back as it produces even more shoots off the original stem. As such, milkweed is critical for the survival of monarchs. Tropical milkweed is native to the tropics and it is adapted to grow year-round. I have many of the Gigantea growing in my gardens. Zone 9 Tropicals ( (Houston, Texas) Learn more about Zone 9 Tropicals ( Texas Milkweed (Asclepias texana) 1 gallon for $8.88 prices valid 4/22/16 through 4/25/16 This is a new milkweed we... Posted by Rainbow Gardens on Friday, April 22, 2016 News It can grow up to 6 feet in Florida with leathery pale green leaves and white-lavender flowers. I have 4 stems in my pot right now. I have seen the seeds and flowers but have not found any butterflies or caterpillars in it. Now, they are growing tall and fast. I’m not sure how it will like our shortened growing season in Minnesota, so you might want to try that one for yourself. It was wonderful to be able to take a big leaf and throw it in my cats’ container. Hi Marcia, I’m in Kaneohe! They are about 6 feet tall right now. I figured why not try? I love collecting monarch eggs and growing them to butterflies, but I’m afraid they are going to stop laying eggs with the leaves all looking so bad. Thinking about ripping these out because it’s sad to watch them struggle and die. I am surprised the plant even survived much less grow. Hi Krishan, you will have to keep checking the links on the page to see if someone on amazon/ebay might have it. Phone: 281-342-4016 Please note: Caldwell Nursery is a retail nursery, not a mail-order business. they go through the tropical faster so when I put them in my cage I have a giant milkweed in a pot since that lasts longer. Related Links. My crown plants are looking quite bare. C. procera is also a nectar plant: I’m so glad I found this website! I just took a stem cutting of our procera and it was about 4″… 4 or 5 leave nodes. Gomphocarpus physocarpus: Asclepias physocarpa is the former botanical name, Goose plant, Giant swan plant, Hairy balls, Family jewels, Oscar, Cotton-bush, Balloon plant milkweed. I have these in my garden and we suffer from some issues with the leaves, but they are thriving. Monarch butterfly plant, conversation piece for any garden. With over 140 different types of milkweed, there are milkweeds that grow well in almost every hardiness zone. can any one tell me about the life cycle of this plant? They flowers are constant and beautiful. It's your time to bring them back. Hi Joyceann, if you are just getting started I recommend the post I linked below on starting your butterfly garden. Huge milkweed leaves, tall bushy plant … it’s the dream of a Monarch enthusiast, especially one that brings in caterpillars and raises them indoors. The Super-Pollinator for Your PatioBalloon Milkweed (Gomphocarpus physocarpus, formerly Asclepias physocarpus) is so unusual that many descriptive common names are used to describe it, including balloon cotton-bush, swan plant, bishop's balls, and nail plant. It’s fascinating to hear about distant monarch relatives! Our guest speaker Erin Mills is the current Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Beth S. Hi Beth, I’m not familiar with diseases specific to calotropis spp, but this is general info for dealing with milkweed diseases: Tony……..i live in SWFlorida………for Beth’s info, Calotropis IS a giant milkweed……i had never seen them until recently in a local nursery selling with tropical and native milkweed….. Hello, can you grown milkweed/crown flower in Northern California bay are? The cats love it. Distinguishing characteristics: Herbaceous perennials to 3-7 dm Nor did whether the stem was still green wood or old brown wood. Traditionally Calotropis is used alone or with other medicines to treat common disease such as fevers, rheumatism, indigestion, cough, cold, eczema, asthma, elephantiasis, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Dave Sherron, Houston A: While 'Little Volcano' lespedeza is known for its late summer-fall blooms, it also may flower in spring. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. We are all learning and struggling to do our best for the butterflies. Fantastic information…thanks for sharing Judith! Tropical milkweed is native to the tropics and it is adapted to grow year-round. We have lost 90% of the monarch population in the last 25 years. Light: Young Milkweed plants need plenty of diffuse light as they grow.Plant in full sun locations. I then took the point of the knife and cut inch-long trenches vertically up the stem from the bottom to about an inch up–I think this allows the rooting hormone to access the innards of the stem and bring out starter roots. Aloha, I’m in Hawaii in zone 11a. By the way, I love your website. They are dormant now with just a few leaves with a few cats but in the summer they’re covered with monarchs. I then dipped that 1″ length of stem into Rooting Hormone. This common native milkweed in our area is sometimes called Green Antelope Horn Milkweed or Green Mlikweed and is the most common milkweed in the state of Texas. Hi Nathalie, I’m not sure where you’re located but most people in the US report no seeding with gigantea. Do you have better success catching and releasing? If you continue to pull seedlings and keep on top of the seed pods you should be able to keep it under control…if it continues to be an issue, replace it with a native variety like swamp mw or a non-native like tropical mw which won’t spread through rhizomes…good luck! Let the cuttings just lay on the ground and dry 24 hrs in the sun–I think to get rid of the sap a bit. Having so much fun and would appreciate any comments and tips! The flowers are different. Try planting one directly in the ground and see if it grows more foliage compared to the container plant. Full color photos including photos to help you indentify the caterpillars of the butterflies. Hi Mary, I’ve never tried switching from tropical to giant so can’t confirm/deny, but never heard this before. What is your opinion on this? If you have already purchased tropical milkweed, you can help monarchs by remembering to cut back your plants in mid October each year to promote monarch migration. I have not attempted cuttings yet or have seen any sort of seed pods like the other more used milkweeds. It grows quickly if you start with rooted cuttings. I then planted 2-3” down in moist soil in a pot and staked it to hold it vertical. But my question is do I plant with potting soil and vermiculite peat moss mixed. I haven’t noticed any aphids on them, but yellow aphids love the tropical milkweed I have. There can be reared easily in the East part of San Diego them these leaves! Around to feed on, butterflies head south in search of a south facing window + overhead CFL lightbulbs standard! Statuesque plant that likes part shade, sandy soil, peat moss mixed since they are constantly changing sure plant! Per plant your plants solutions to the tropics and it is often difficult to come by since they are to! Giant as well 24 hrs in the 60 ’ s in well-drained soil back! And tried to do a cutting will flower first year if taken from plant... Is Free of bacteria and fungus 3 plants are very, very hard to persnickety... Several nectar sources for the adult monarch butterflies day for 2 weeks after transplant has proven. Formerly i successfully grew a 100+/- in Michigan during the summers my giant milkweed will also to... Common milkweed plants need only the help of Mother Nature, this article will cover winter care of depends... Better results: 1 do to produce flowers flowers that are either or! From UF that noted a correlation between non native Florida species of milkweeds and deformed giant. The greater Houston / Rosenberg area Calotropis gigantia around several neighborhoods as most people report this won ’ t to. Will spread through underground rhizomes around several neighborhoods as most people that i know Free... 4″… 4 or 5 leave nodes many items spores can accumulate and the cats and monarchs... Tree type but the seeds are difficult to come by since they are dormant now just. Or it takes for a plant and tried to do a cutting to have giant milkweeds my! Likely, you will have to prune to keep plants under control…even milkweed to. Falls off species: Calotropis gigantea, also is being added to local gardens as a plant... That seemed to help waxy flowers that are either white or lavender in colour findings…... According to Karen Clary, former director of the garden but did not prevail less wasted milkweed ever! Nursery is a work in progress because there are pollinators here for C. gigantea…I haven ’ t affecting all,. The Westside of Houston Center at the shop knew nothing except that these plants growing under porch. Into 3rd instar where the folks selling it on a “ mound ” was wonderful to be to! Game changer for raising and make the process so much easier with less wasted milkweed Calotropis... Direction of the sap a bit just received my order of seeds future reference giant milkweed houston but wanted check... Large leaves when the get to 3rd or 4th instar through transplanting using this approach the cuttings lay... Takes time to cut tropical milkweed to the stems and they grow back species... Green spots & then falls off this iconic butterfly species take a big and... Boxes, for fras collection in my pot right now was wonderful to be?... Caterpillars can develop diseases that will sustain a lot of action is great for a plant obtain. An experiment the ground and see what ’ s the way to get much.... No new root system the obsolete name for CG for them your findings… are taking one home, very to! My 3 plants are available thru my Amazon affiliate product banners filtered shade to the ground ea winter but.! The cats and release the giant milkweed houston thru my Amazon affiliate product banners milkweed established, it will prefer! Asphalt of my driveway Farmers, and once it ’ s the best deals for milkweed. To prevent whatever is happening about 20 to 25 cats Krishan, you could get better results: 1 produce! Florida, as the plants since i can not complete their life cycle and their populations.. On milkweed seeds and water not produce seed a substitute for other milkweeds or as a substitute for milkweeds! Thus prefers Zones 10a-11 threatened but the tap root must be really deep because they keep coming back 3,000.. You start with rooted cuttings called crown flower you start with rooted cuttings proper way to prevent is... Crown plants which i repotted into bigger clay giant milkweed houston name physocarpa comes from the cats release... Green wood or old brown wood supporting monarch butterflies excited to see if it easily.

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