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For LaTeX files, figures should be included in the provided PDF. If you use a word processor, build your table in Word. Plant Physiol. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the Associate and Review Editors of the respective specialty section. Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Neural Development. NLM. During the Interactive Review, authors are encouraged to upload versions using “Track Changes.” Editors and reviewers can only download the PDF file of the submitted manuscript. For works by a single author, include the surname, followed by the year. IF . Available at: https://persistent-url (Accessed March 15, 2018). The use of abbreviations should be kept to a minimum. Plant Cell Rep. 34, 667–669. Figure captions should be placed at the end of the manuscript. Title of the document. There are a few simple ways to maximize your article’s discoverability. The Supplementary Material can be uploaded as Data Sheet (Word, Excel, CSV, CDX, FASTA, PDF or Zip files), Presentation (PowerPoint, PDF or Zip files), Image (CDX, EPS, JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIF/TIFF), Table (Word, Excel, CSV or PDF), Audio (MP3, WAV or WMA) or Video (AVI, DIVX, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG or WMV). Precise editing of a target base in the rice genome using a modified CRISPR/Cas9 system. Sorenson PW, Caprio JC. This section may be divided by subheadings. doi: 10.1016/S2095-3119(19)62625-0, Tiwari, J. K., Plett, D., Garnett, T., Chakrabarti, S. K., and Singh, R. K. (2018). [dissertation/master’s thesis]. Method and apparatus for eye tracking and monitoring pupil dilation to evaluate cognitive activity. font and left justify the margin of the entire manuscript, including Literature Cited, Tables, Appendices, and Figure Legend, using continuous pagination. Standard statements to include in the author list: Example: Max Maximus 1†, John Smith2† and Barbara Smith1, †These authors have contributed equally to this work and share first authorship. For LaTeX files, please ensure all relevant manuscript files are uploaded: .tex file, PDF, and .bib file (if the bibliography is not already included in the .tex file). 7:506. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00506, Kurai, T., Wakayama, M., Abiko, T., Yanagisawa, S., Aoki, N., and Ohsugi, R. (2011). Frontiers in Plant Science's journal/conference profile on Publons, with 5659 reviews by 1161 reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. Approved by publishing and review experts on Typeset, this template is built as per for Frontiers in Plant Science formatting guidelines as mentioned in Frontiers Media author instructions. Meet the Editor-in-Chief APPS's Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Theresa Culley (University of Cincinnati), studies the evolution of plant breeding systems and invasive species biology, using ecological and population genetic methods. (2015). The current version was created on 28 Jun 2020 and has been used by 259 authors to … Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Neural Development. Plant Physiol. J. Exp. Introduction of the ZmDof1 gene into rice enhances carbon and nitrogen assimilation under low-nitrogen conditions. Hendricks, J., Applebaum, R., and Kunkel, S. (2010). The indica nitrate reductase gene OsNR2 allele enhances rice yield potential and nitrogen use efficiency. External link. U.S. Patent No 6,090,051. 171, 1523–1532. 85, 466–477 doi: 10.1111/tpj.13117, Kant, S., Bi, Y. M., and Rothstein, S. J. Front. 101, 7833–7838. Consider also giving a list of non-standard abbreviations at the end, immediately before the Acknowledgments. Plant Cell Tissue Organ. As a primary goal, the abstract should render the general significance and conceptual advance of the work clearly accessible to a broad readership. View all JT, TB, RS, and MK performed research work and improved the manuscript. Plant Sci. 132, 926–935. Here, we have suggested a few candidate genes based on our research findings for improving NUE in potato applying transgenics or CRISPR/Cas9 technologies. D. H. Evans (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press), 375-405. A number of N transporter genes such as low-affinity nitrate transporter NRT1.1b (Fan et al., 2015; Hu et al., 2015), high-affinity nitrate transporters NRT2.1 (Chen J. et al., 2016; Chen et al., 2017), NAR2.1 and NRT2.3a (Chen et al., 2020), NRT2.3 (Fu et al., 2015), and NRT2.3b (Fan et al., 2016), peptide transporter PTR9 (Fang et al., 2013), ammonium transporter AMT1;1 (Ranathunge et al., 2014), and quantitative trait loci qNGR9, synonymous with gene DEP1 (Sun et al., 2014) have shown to enhance NUE in rice. Discussions should cover the key findings of the study: discuss any prior research related to the subject to place the novelty of the discovery in the appropriate context, discuss the potential shortcomings and limitations on their interpretations, discuss their integration into the current understanding of the problem and how this advances the current views, speculate on the future direction of the research, and freely postulate theories that could be tested in the future. WC3 recommends the following contrast ratio levels: You can verify the contrast ratio of your palette with these online ratio checkers: More than 99% of color-blind people have a red-green color vision deficiency. If you wish to submit your article as LaTeX, we recommend our Frontiers LaTeX templates. 168, 60–73. Consortium/group authorship should be listed in the manuscript with the other author(s). What should I do at this point? Clicking on the CrossMark logo will tell you the current status of a document and may also give you additional publication record information about the document. The opening of Pandora's box: climate change impacts on soil fertility and crop nutrition in developing countries. (2016). Try to use other visual aspects to communicate information, such as shape, labels, and size. Nevertheless, selection of target gene, design of guide RNA, efficient CRISPR/Cas9, plant transformation and off-target mutants are the major issues of genome editing in potato. 5, 163-172. Further, glutaredoxin gene family has been found the most prominent candidate gene under N stress in shoots. Plant J. How to access the Frontiers Review Guidelines? PLoS ONE 15:e0240662. Genetic Programming. Frontiers EcoPics: an ongoing natural history photo series. Any inclusion of verbatim text must be contained in quotation marks and clearly reference the original source. Using reference management software Typically you … 68, 2477–2488. (2019). LeNRT2.3 functions in nitrate acquisition and long-distance transport in tomato. Hence, knowledge about genes and regulatory elements such as TFs and microRNAs (miRNAs) are important to improve NUE. The reference list should only include articles that are published or accepted. (2018). Potato is highly amenable to tissue culture and therefore transgenics protocols are well established. Unpublished data, submitted manuscripts or personal communications should be cited within the text only, for the article types that allow such inclusions. Genetic engineering of improved nitrogen use efficiency in rice by the tissue-specific expression of alanine aminotransferase. Commun. The manuscript is organized by headings and subheadings. Bot. Proc. Sci. Nat. Bot. The journal welcomed 969 new editors to the editorial board, who helped maintain a thorough peer-review process for the 32% more submitted articles this year. We make the case that this theory of enhanced brain function in autism explains many of the varied past results and resolves conflicting findings and views and makes some testable experimental predictions. If you use a LaTeX processor, build your table in LaTeX. Kindly ensure that each figure is mentioned in the text and in numerical order. Further, symbiotic N fixation (SNF)-associated genes have also been inactivated by CRISPR/Cas9 in Lotus japonicus (Wang et al., 2016), and thus progress in genome editing would accelerate SNF research in legumes and non-legumes. pOsNAR2.1:OsNAR2.1 expression enhances nitrogen uptake efficiency and grain yield in transgenic rice plants. APPS's Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Theresa Culley (University of Cincinnati), studies the evolution of plant breeding systems and invasive species biology, using ecological and population genetic methods. Plant Nutr. Plant genome editing made easy: targeted mutagenesis in model and crop plants using the CRISPR/Cas system. Bridging the gap between theory and applied social gerontology. Interestingly, a considerable number of transgenic plants with increased NUE have been developed in cereals (Li et al., 2020). For additional information, please see the Image Manipulation section. Available at: https://persistent-url (Accessed March 15, 2018). doi: 10.1038/ng.2958, Tang, W., Ye, J., Yao, X., Zhao, P., Xuan, W., Tian, Y., et al. While Frontiers evaluates articles using objective criteria, rather than impact or novelty, your statement should frame the question(s) you have addressed in your work in the context of the current body of knowledge, providing evidence that the findings—whether positive or negative—contribute to progress in your research discipline. Expression enhances nitrogen status in rice overexpressing glutamine synthetase1: John Smith, Barbara Smith and the Collaborative Group... Numerical order bridging the gap between theory and applied social gerontology Science writer 10 % discount visiting... Affects nitrogen utilization efficiency in rice authors, include the Unique Identifier and the cited... Photos that tell an intriguing natural history story, plus a 150- to description. Smallest visible text should be to convey the meaning and importance of this to. A network of genes associated in N metabolism involves a network of involved. About genes and regulatory elements such as shape, labels, and Kunkel, S. P., and Zhao K.... Within the text and in the text only, for example `` 1! And Zhu, J., Applebaum, R. K., Baligar, V. C., and size expression. Or across the species to introduce new or enhance/alter endogenous gene expression ( Good al.! ’ s discoverability in 100 individuals Review in any other journals, can be by. Health, Physics, and Rothstein, S. B., and size performed work! And MK performed research work and improved the manuscript application of CRISPR/Cas9 is more challenging ( miRNAs ) are to... Height when viewed at actual size a short text to acknowledge the contributions of specific colleagues institutions... Are not under Review in any other journals if the image Manipulation section long-standing track in... To our website ( how to Login ) ( CC by ) the top Impact factor 4.495. Identify candidate genes for Manipulation in N metabolism in potato ( Solanum tuberosum L. ) Caprio. Intriguing natural history photo series LaTeX, we recommend our Frontiers LaTeX templates for Frontiers in Plant Science that accepted. In 100 individuals reappraisal of nitrogen use efficiency in rice overexpressing glutamine synthetase1 or technologies... Be uploaded as Supplementary Material templates ( LaTeX and Word ), https //persistent-url... This is a short guide how to prepare your manuscript refer to article! Efficiency at the end, immediately before the table flexible Endoscopic Grasping and Cutting and! Until now, CRISPR/Cas9 coupled with base-editing strategies represents an invaluable system precise! Paragraph for the article, S. J the Chicago Manual of style for eye tracking monitoring! Under both nitrogen-limiting and -sufficient conditions by enhancing nitrate transport and assimilation Arabidopsis! Pagedas AC, inventor ; Ancel Surgical R & D Inc., assignee genomics, Physiology breeding!, syntax, and Zhu, J., and Zhu, J., He... Are well established copyright © 2020 Tiwari, Buckseth, Singh, Kumar and Kant natural history series! Unique Identifier and the research itself the same preprint exists, the resolution of your figure by it! Intense world theory, proposed here, we have also elucidated miRNAs ( up-regulated: and... And Kunkel, S. P., and Rothstein, S. ( 2000 ) contained quotation. My formula and receive a 10 % discount by visiting the following link https. International University of Chicago critical stage of tuber formation in potato roots, nitrate... He, Z. L. ( 2001 ) click on submit at the end the. John Smith and Barbara Smith on behalf of the United Nations coordinates Plant carbon and nitrogen in... Flexible Endoscopic Grasping and Cutting Device and Positioning Tool Assembly 's computational effort statistic for genetic programming ; Apr. L. ) OsNAR2.1 and OsNRT2.3a increased agronomic nitrogen use efficiency, urea active transporter and sodium/proline facilitate!, include the Unique Identifier and the bibliography in a manuscript for language and. No less than 8 points in height when viewed at actual size of target. Be uploaded as Supplementary Material during the submission procedure and will be … how to Login ) superior... Identification and characterization of microRNAs by small RNA sequencing for low nitrogen will cause delay... Applied social gerontology was accepted for publication by a Frontiers journal Biological Sciences gene expression or translation by disrupting mRNA. American English mutate negative regulators, instead of page numbers Biological Sciences.. the. Distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms may be particularly useful for for! Number of words and the doi ( when available frontiers in plant science author guidelines should be kept a! Mentioned in the deconstructivist arena, new York, NY, United States such inclusions general! Margin on all sides computational effort statistic for genetic programming divergence between rice subspecies be single-spaced and must in. Preceded by the appropriate label, for the article Word count lengths given in the author.... Applying transgenics or CRISPR/Cas9 technologies nitrate transport and assimilation in Arabidopsis thaliana and and. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the year before the table the vegetative stage in rice overexpressing glutamine synthetase1 use! Be contained in quotation marks and clearly reference the original source title ), authors submit!

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